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Estate Planning


Estate planning provides you with the opportunity to make important decisions about the assets you have worked a lifetime to create.  


Working with a Wealth Matrix adviser provides you with the opportunity to consider all of the issues around your estate plan as well as an effective way to reach your goals. 


No two financial plans are exactly the same when it comes to estate planning. That’s why seeking advice is so important. In our own experience, we know that clients are worried about transferring wealth safely to the next generation. 


We can help you answer questions like:


  • How do I plan my estate?

  • How can I protect beneficiaries who are young children or those with special needs?

  • Can trusts provide increased protection?

  • Can I stop ex-partners and others from benefiting from my estate? 


Sometimes reaching your goals will involve taking action now while you are still alive, and not waiting for your Will to come into effect. Importantly some aspects of your financial life, such as your superannuation assets are not covered by a Will. 


Estate planning, to be most effective, must start and end with your needs. It is important that we work with a legal adviser when planning your estate. Talk to us today about your estate plan.

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