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Wealth Creation


Some of our clients come to us specifically for our investment consulting services. We provide these services to private clients, families, personal entities such as self-managed superannuation funds and family trusts.

​There are many providers of investment services in Australia and choosing a provider is not necessarily an easy process. At times, it is hard to see the difference between providers. This is one reason why we believe it is essential to share our investment philosophy. We believe that our approach, based on sound empirical academic thinking coupled with our practical application, sets us apart.  


Our investment philosophy is based on the following tenants:  


  • Investing is not speculating

  • Markets work

  • Risk and return are related

  • Diversification is essential

  • Costs and taxes matter

  • Discipline is paramount. 


Your adviser can share with you our philosophy in greater detail. But it is not just our thinking that matters. How we apply our thinking is what makes a difference at the end of the day.  

Our investment consulting services can include: 


  • Asset allocation 

  • Investment selection

  • Investment review

  • Portfolio benchmarking 


At Wealth Matrix, we have a researched and considered investment list that includes investments in: 


  • Cash

  • Australian fixed interest & income securities

  • Global fixed interest & income securities

  • Listed property

  • Australian equities and managed funds

  • Global equities and managed funds

  • Alternative assets


Wealth Matrix provides you with the opportunity to consider your investment needs. No two investment plans are exactly the same. That’s why seeking advice is so important.   

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