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Tax Effective Strategies


We work with clients to create tax effective strategies to help minimise the impact of taxes on both their short and long term goals. Depending on a client’s circumstances this may include superannuation contributions, gearing and personal insurance structuring.


The Australian tax system is very complex and client’s can unknowingly be paying more tax than is required. We can provide strategic advice to help you manage the impact of tax both inside and outside super. Thus, we can help you optimise your investments and your finances to take advantage of the opportunities while avoiding the risks.

We specialise in supporting clients with successful careers in leading companies, together with successful small business and professional practice owners. So we understand the complex tax issues that higher income earners face.


Your Wealth Matrix adviser will help you identify the most tax effective strategies and structures for your situation, minimising your tax burden and helping you build wealth faster.


At the same time, we believe it’s essential to maintain your focus on creating wealth over your desired investment timeframe, rather than allowing tax minimisation to overshadow other priorities. 


How we can help

Everyone’s situation is different and there are no one-size-fits-all solutions, especially when it comes to tax. At Wealth Matrix, we use powerful financial models to determine which strategy will create the best after-tax outcome for you and your family, taking into account risks of each strategic option.


Here are some of the ways we can help you manage your finances more tax effectively:


  • Tax-effective strategies. We’ll help you explore a range of options which may include pre-tax super contributions, geared investments in growth assets, and salary packaging

  • Personal insurance. The ownership of an insurance policy can have a significant impact on both the after-tax cost of the premiums and any benefits that are paid. We can help you identify the right ownership structure for each policy in your personal and business insurance portfolio.

  • Transition to retirement. As you approach retirement, a transition to retirement strategy could help you to legitimately reduce tax and boost your super savings without impacting your current lifestyle.

  • Wills and estate planning. The way you structure your Will can have a significant impact on the tax that your estate and beneficiaries need to pay. Using structures like jointly owned investments, discretionary trusts and testamentary trusts, we can help ensure you leave behind a valuable legacy, not a hefty tax bill.


To find out more about how we can help you structure your finances in the most tax effective manner, talk to our Adviser today.

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