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Wealth Matrix provides financial planning advice to individuals, companies, trusts and super funds relating to their individual circumstances and financial goals. Our team will work with you to understand what is important to you and explain how we can help you achieve a secure financial future.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning provides you with the opportunity to make the most of your life after work, before you decide to transition from or leave full time employment permanently.

Family Risk Protection


Making sure you have the means to support your family financially and ensuring your debts are sufficiently covered in the event of death, illness or an accident is an essential part of the financial planning process.



Superannuation for most Australians provides a major source of retirement income. Much commentary exists as to whether compulsory superannuation guarantee contributions are sufficient to secure the type of retirement many people would like to enjoy.


Wealth Creation

Some of our clients come to us specifically for our investment consulting services. We provide these services to private clients, families, personal entities such as self-managed superannuation funds and family trusts.

Tax Effective Strategies

We work with clients to create tax effective strategies to help them minimise the impact of taxes and with gearing strategies, build wealth in the long term. The types of strategies we typically utilise includes salary sacrifice, investment gearing and structuring personal insurances.

Estate Planning

Estate planning provides you with the opportunity to make important decisions about the assets you have worked a lifetime to create and ensure the assets are passed-on to your desired nominated beneficiaries.

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