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Family Risk Protection


Making sure you have the means to support your family financially and ensuring your debts are sufficiently covered in the event of death, illness or an accident is an essential part of the financial planning process.


While many people take appropriate steps to insure their homes, cars and other important assets, far fewer consider the potentially devastating consequences of an unexpected injury, life-threatening illness or permanent disability.


If this were to happen to you, wouldn’t it be reassuring to know that you have done everything you possibly could to ease the financial burden on your family or other dependants?

Our Personal insurance services focus clients on the important topic of protection. With the wide range of insurance solutions available, it is essential that you receive expert advice and a solution designed with your circumstances and requirements in mind.


We offer a wide range of comprehensive insurance solutions for personal and professional needs. Importantly, we know that sometimes we need to work with other professionals to achieve your goals. That’s why we partner with solicitors and lawyers where we need to.


At Wealth Matrix, we regard risk management as an essential component of a sound financial strategy. Working together, we can tailor a risk management solution to suit you and your lifestyle.

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