As a business, we place a strong emphasis on our company values. Our ultimate aim is to build long term, mutually benefical relationships with our clients and business partners. We believe that only by strongly adhering to these values can we achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and create a sustainable business.

Clients are our priority

First and foremost, we always act in our client's best interest. By being an independant business and adpoting a fee-for-service structure, we eliminate any potential conflicts of interest and thus our client's financial well being is our number one priority.

Caring for the environment

Here at Wealth Matrix, one of the core principals is to minimise the use of paper and recycle whenever possible. From the inception of the business, we have been a paperless office and we choose electronic communication as a preferred method over printed material. We also have a dedicated recycle bin at each desk to ensure our staff are recyling wherever possible.

Honesty and transparency

We aim to build long term relationships with our clients. Thus we believe that by being as honest and transparent to our clients as possible, we can build mutual trust. We achieve this by fully disclosing all forms of remuneration we receive as well as any conflicts of interest that may exist.

Being there for you

From time to time, we understand that our clients may need to contact us to ask us a question or to discuss a particular issue. Our commitment to our clients is that if we are not immediately available to answer their queries, we will endeavour to contact them by the close of the business day or within the next 24 hours.